Summary of the meeting 21th January. Who is the author?

After one month of hollydays, I was really happy to realised that I have actually been missing some of the little details of my toastmaster meetings. I am talking about David’s cheeky smile, Carol’s enthousiasm, Chelo’s energy and all these non material things which makes my life rich.

It was also pleasure to meet new motivated members ready to overtake THE number 1 fear that most of us have: Public speaking.

By the way, our club is guetting more and more international and it’s awesome.

Let’s talk now about the results of the night :

Best Evaluator : Carol and Leon. That’s a good duo ! They did an amazing evaluation, thank you guys.

Best improvisation : Etienne and his cheeky stories.

Best speech : Ginette, the famous Ginette, who gave us a great speech !

I hope you are ready for the next meeting.

I’m preparing a speech which is going to make you think twice the next time you’ll say « hi » to your neighbour.

And I’m not telling you who I am. You’ll guess by yourself 🙂

See youFoto groupe

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