Lyon Toastmasters Unlimited
A bilingual public speaking club made for you!

The meetings are now held

37 rue Bossuet, 69006 LYON France

niveau 0, salle de gauche, salle 5

President’s message:

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”, Epictetus.

Listening and speaking are necessary activities for every human being to be connected. And yet! This requires training and experimentation. This is what we offer at the LTU club, Lyon Toastmasters Unlimited. In French, in English, in person, remotely, in phygital (a hybrid between a physical and digital presence), come and discover a caring space where you can practice public speaking, of course, but much more besides.

Putting forward your ideas, learning to structure them so that the content is always more coherent and the form is even more exciting, these are all skills that you will be able to improve as you progress through our association. To become a better version of yourself, unlimited!

If you have ever felt stressed during a professional or family meeting, a presentation in front of your class, etc. because you had to speak and express your ideas, introduce yourself, I confess : many of us have felt that way. But with practice, this feeling can be overcome. With practice, it can even be fun! Come and visit us.

Le mot du président:

« Si l’homme a deux oreilles et une bouche, c’est pour écouter deux fois plus qu’il ne parle », Epictète

Écouter, parler, sont des activités nécessaires à tout être humain pour être en connexion, en lien. Et pourtant ! Cela demande de l’entrainement, de l’expérimentation. C’est ce que nous proposons au club LTU, Lyon Toastmasters Unlimited. En français, en anglais, en physique, en distanciel, en phygital (hybride entre une présence physique et digitale), venez découvrir un espace bienveillant où vous pourrez vous exercez à la prise de parole en public, certes, mais à bien plus encore.

Avancer vos idées, apprendre à les structurer pour que le fond soit toujours plus cohérent et que la forme soit encore plus passionnante, autant de compétences que vous pourrez améliorer au fur et à mesure de votre parcours dans notre association. Pour devenir une meilleure version de vous-même, illimité !

Si vous vous êtes déjà senti.e stressé.e lors d’une réunion professionnelle ou familiale, un exposé devant votre classe, etc. parce que vous deviez prendre la parole et exprimer vos idées, vous présenter, je vous le confie : nous sommes à avoir ressenti cela. Mais avec de l’entrainement, ce sentiment est surmontable. Voire même, avec de l’entrainement… cela peut devenir plaisant ! Venez nous rendre visite.

Audrey Domenach
Lyon Toastmasters Unlimited


One of the most important concepts in our lives is speaking (verbally and non-verbally).

Being able to communicate  a message to another person or a group effectively is essential.

Unfortunately, this is a skill we don’t always have the chance to improve.
Fortunately, it can be learned, mastered and can be practiced regularly until it becomes part of you.

  • Would you like to have your ideas heard (at work or in your personal life) ?
  • Do you need preparation for interviews (in French or English) ?
  • Are you planning to become a coach or a public speaker ?
  •  Would you like to inspire people ?
  • Do you have a speech to give and want to make sure the delivery is effective ?
  • Would you like to become a better listener ?
  • Or to become a better project manager ?
  • Do you want to meet people and learn how to connect with them ?
  • Do you want to find a place where you can train your English by public speaking ?
  • To develop your leadership skills ?
  • To improve your presentation skills ? And much more…

Those are the fundamental skills you can learn and master in our club

Join us as guest to get started, and we’ll be happy to welcome you!

How does it work ? Regular bimonthly meetings.


Our meetings are a combination of prepared speeches,

You can find the dates of the next meetings of our club here.

Our club is bilingual which means that you must speak English and French, but you choose the language you speak in.

See an example of one of our club sessions on our blog.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.


Toastmasters is an international organization present in over 122 countries. It all started more than 100 years ago, when people wanted to improve their speaking skills and started to gather and deliver speeches around a toast.

And that’s how: Toastmaster was born. (

When you join our club, you are also joining a strong and close-knit network, where you will have the opportunity to go to meetings and take part in contests all over Europe and the world.  An association where people are interested in one thing, developing their public speaking skills.

Please find here 2018’s world champion of public speaking:


See our calendar of meetings.

All our meetings take place from 19:00 – 21:30 on

37 rue Bossuet, 69006 LYON France

niveau 0, salle de gauche, salle 5



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The club membership is € 165.00 the first year including access to Pathways, the Toastmasters teaching program.

It will cost  € 135.00 per year the following years.

There is also a discount of 10% for members who renew their membership at the end of the year for the next year.