Summary of the meeting 18th February

Another amazing ToastmFoto meeting2asters meeting on this 18th of April, 2016 with great speeches, experienced members and more and more guesses. The session was chaired by Elisabeth and featured Chelo as general evaluator, Tonhu as time-keeper, Damien as word-of-the-evening master and grammarian, and David as stumble-catcher.

 The meeting theme was “shift”. And indeed, we shifted from Luyi’s Ice breaker speech about her studies in France, to Sophie’s presentation about personal project management, and to Cornelia’s demonstration of gestures and facial expressions, which won the speech competition. All three were remarkable and interesting. The table topics, mastered by Etienne shifted even faster from one subject to another. Among those, David became an ice cream seller, Albane became a book and Alison improvised a fable entitled “the monkey and the baby rat”, with which she won the contest. Another interesting discovery during the table topics was Sébastien, a new guest who happens to be a surfer and moreover to have a voice that seemed to turn Carol upside down ;-).

 During our next meeting on March 3rd, our club will host a regional contest. Don’t miss it!

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