Summary of the meeting 17th December


That was it! The last Toastmaster meeting of the year 2015!

As I was heading back home I had this feeling inside of me, the feeling you have at the end of each meeting. Something that makes you happy inside and grateful about taking part in the meeting, the fact that you might have inspired or helped with great advice a fellow member or a guest.

The meeting’s theme was “Peace & Goodwill”, our dear Toastmaster, Carol BAUSOR, knew exactly how to captivate our intention and inspire our many guests.

The schedule was different but the content stayed the same. We discovered an English speaking game which was quiet enriching. Our two main speakers were Sophie and Elizabeth.

Due to absences, there was competition around the speeches and their evaluators. The only winner was Nicolas with his effective impromptu speech during table topics.

As everybody enjoyed the meeting (and the champagne during the toast of the evening), we have a lot of expectations for the upcoming year!

Stay Tuned for the next Toastmaster meeting on January 7th!


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