Results of Humorous Speech Contest (2015)

On 8th October the speech contest illustrated the energy of our best club speakers. The contest was held both in English and in French with humorous speeches as well as improvisations respectively.

The last contest was a funny and enriching experience for our entire club. Guests discovered one of the most hilarious moments of the year and members from other Toastmaster clubs also attended this important contest.

Congratulations to all the participants and the Committee!!!

Here are the winners:


Humorous Speeches in English:

1-Claude-Eugénie I.

2-Damian A.


Humorous Speeches in French:

1-Claude-Eugénie I.

2-David P.

3-Chelo I.B.


Table topics in English:

1-Elisabeth R.

2-Ginette T.


Table topics in French:

1-David P.

2-Chelo I.B.

3-Etienne B.


Next contest level Toastmasters, Lyon Oct.10th.
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